On first Looking into Chapman’s Translation

I visit many distant lands of gold
And find many goodly kingdoms abroad.
Across many islands down south, I’d trod,
Which bards loyal to grand Apollo hold.
Oft of a vast location, I was told,
A high-brow’d historian’s old domain
But hoping to visit it was in vain
Till I saw Chapman talk out loud and bold:
It was as if, watching in a night sky,
I’d found out that an unknown orb had swum
Into sight, or how Balboa did spy
Pacific foam afar–and, all struck dumb
His sailors look’d around, not knowing why–
Upon a hill in Panama, half-numb.

(As in “Bright Star”, this author puts punctuation in highly lucky locations for my parodying! What can I say?)

Bright Star

Bright star, I wish I was strong as thou art–
Not in solo glory aloft at night
And watching, with my constant lids apart,
A natural, nocturnal burst of light,
Moving surf at its daily, holy task
Of ablution for all us human boors,
Or gazing on a softly-falling mask
Of snow upon tall mountains and low moors–
No–although still unchanging, proud and tall,
Pillow’d upon my fair companion’s lung
To always know its soft trip up and fall
Always conscious and loving, always young,
Knowing inhalation, not old too soon
And so stay always–or I’ll faint and swoon.

“Pillow’d” was in this parody’s original vocabulary, punctuation and all. I’m lucky!