Kansas City 3, Boston 1, and so on

Now and again you’ll run across analysis of a squad or an individual that is “good, but not too good,” strong but not outstanding, of high quality but not about to blow you away. Last night (and this morning), two squads got wins, both unusual, though not so unusual that it would blow old marks away.

Kansas City against Boston, to start (or finish, as it was). On account of rain, that matchup would not start for almost two and a half hours past normal. Almost four and a half hours would go by without a finish. (Although, this is Boston of which I talk. Four and a half hours is not so bad for a loss in its fifth bonus inning, if you think of how long Boston-NY marathons can go.)

Plus,  Arlington’s local squad won against Twins, and how. Put it this way–Twins got six runs, but lost by two touchdowns (including points following, but no two-point plays). A high mark for that day’s champions? No. In fact, it’s just two-thirds of its historic scoring mark! Nor is its hit total a squad high, as said run mark had not as many hits.

So, what did MLB.com talk about today? Fascinating facts from Monday, obviously, but random writing too. It’s surprising how many kids of guys playing today must work through a disability. I don’t want to mock any such family, but if I put my mind to it, it’s almost too simplistic or common in “family spotlight” olds. Not non-olds. Olds. That’s what it is now.

Sorry for sporadic blogging. Hard to know what to post about. Possibly this URL will put prompts up again?

Canvas of a Season

The first bright streaks are quiet now. Above
The brash background, the paintbrush sinks into
The paint. This is just the beginning of
The season. Time for layer number two.

It won’t look like this when the year is done.
Most paint will cover over what’s below.
The topmost layer will display who won,
And only what shines through will let us know

What else took place. X-rays might let us see
Archives and dry box scores. But from a glance
The peaks and valleys will be brightest. We
Might forget what’s partly just random chance

As it’s overpainted. But that is how
All seasons go. We’ll enjoy the streaks now.