Top Nine All-Star Game Improvements

The All-Star Game just keeps getting bigger and better each year. These ones count, yes? Well, guess what; they could be made even more awesome. To wit:

  • You know that new rule about not letting people pitched if they’d pitched two days before? Well, after 12:00 midnight, it’s a brand-new day.
  • Winning the Home Run Derby, unlike its historic Kentucky-based counterpart, doesn’t help your quest for Triple Crown glory. We can fix this.
  • It’s not actually a Final Vote if there are two of them going on at once. Stagger the voting. The league of whichever candidate amasses the most votes, overall, has the honor of being the final Final Vote the next year.
  • Throwing a bone to sabermetricians, hold a walk-drawing derby to showcase the honor of plays highly correlated to winning games. We could put this on the Wednesday afterwards to fill the hole in the professional sports calendar.
  • More confetti afterwards. You know they do something with all those tiny circles you punch out of the ballot.
  • Use Golden Balls with two outs in every half-inning. Runs count double.
  • Put it in Hawaii.
  • Have the umpires chosen by fan vote.
  • Pit the best players from both leagues up against each other, just for the fun of seeing them pitted up against each other. I recognize that this might not be a realistic proposal, but hey, a blogger can dream.