Random Q&As

You can show up as a visiting star on any TV show. What will you pick?

Oh wow. I don’t watch much TV at all. I did watch Numb3rs (it turns into a lipogram! Woohoo!) a lot, but it’s off air now. I did watch a bit of Scranton hijinks, but now not that much. So I’d go with showing up as a fan at a ballpark. Shocking, huh?

(Or singing along with Big Bird and co. I could do that.)

What topics do you find it fun arguing about?

Mostly just unimportant stuff. I don’t try to discuss big, important topics–I’m firm in my opinions, and I just kind of think anybody I talk to is also of firm thoughts. I don’t want to put up with rationalizations about why I’m wrong, so I think I shouldn’t do that to anybody I’m talking to.

Trying an odd tactic…

This blog host will put prompts up for you if you finish a post. So, I will try using such a prompt, posting this, and looking for follow-up prompts that I can modify this post to put in. Don’t know how many I will fit in. Obviously, I must modify phrasings slightly.

Who has a cool way of talking?

Josh Groban. His “O Holy Night” is good–I find most Christmas pop music on radios bad, but not his song.

How much visual contact do you do? “Unblinking Intimidator” or not?

Not at all. I’m not so good at picking up on social norms such as knowing how to do a lot of visual contact. Not worrying about such habits is a big plus for blogging!

Is a film always not as good as its original book? Any “usually, but…”s?

In my opinion, it’s usually “what I know first is most good.” An adaptation cannot match that quality, as it will usually omit an important thing or two. But, many film adaptations can work–Flatland, I think, is not as fun as its short film adaptation (which has a happy finish–said book lacks such). Similarly dorky, Phantom Tollbooth‘s animation is top-notch. And if many books go in a row (such as Harry P.’s magical sagas), I might dub a book or two not as good as its companions. (Say, book 4, Pyro-cup of Magic.) As I didn’t think that much of this book, I could watch its film and say “that wasn’t that bad.”

Random topics

I just put up a graph post, and as I did so, this blog’s host brought up a bunch of stuff I could try posting about, not knowing I usually focus on sports. But, practicing my lipogram skill won’t hurt, so I’ll try this out. Obviously, I must adjust such topics’ wording, as this host is also not conscious of what a lipogram is.

What sort of workout do you find most fun?

Um…nothing. I am a lazy bum. It’s fun to play broomball, though. And I can walk to locations…if I want to? Right now and through most of August I am living in a city in which I must walk up and down a big hill most days. So that is a sort of workout. But I do not find it fun.

You just got a magic wand. What will you do with it?

Uh…Arithmancy at Hogwarts? I don’t know. (I am looking forward to going to that film Friday at midnight, but in contrast to many I talk to, I do not think it marks a finish to an important span of films. Possibly its book’s publication was such an important finish, but a film adaptation is just part of many spinoffs. Not an important day, too much. Plus, I could go back to watch in 3-D…)

Do you try to finish all books you start, as if it was an obligation?

No. If I don’t want to look at a book, or if it starts good but stops looking fun, I will stop. In fact I wish now and again that books would stop looking fun in part two, say, vis-a-vis four, so I do not go on paging and paging only to go “Gah, stupid author with an abrupt tonal shift, this is a dumb bait-and-switch! Why can fictional ongoings work my mind up? I am an irrational fool.” Sigh.