Week In Review: 4/11-17

So, this is closer to how I perceived this blog going. This might occur weekly–short blurbs of interesting competitions from the previous week. Hopefully it’ll help me keep up with goings-on in cities I don’t tend to follow.

My editor helped out too.

4/11: Two perfecto-hurlers dueled in Illinois. Would it, too, be hitless? The White Sox were, until Rios’ single in the fourth. Their opponents were, too, until Kurt Suzuki’s single in the sixth. People were very excited, due to the one-hitter in progress, expressing their convictions: “2011 is the summer of the one-hitter! It’s got “ones” in it! Like zeroes in 2010, the summer of the no-hitter, you know?”

[This didn’t truly occur. -ed]

But the pitchers’ duel continued, still 1-0 into the ninth. Then, however, Pierre’s (the White Sox’ left fielder) error brought in the tying run. Suzuki would homer in the top of the tenth to win it, with poor Pierre grounding into the finishing out.

4/12: Ohio might rock–the Tribe sit in first in their division now–but they didn’t here. No, they lost 2-0, with Bourjos going deep solo (Trumbo, too). But were these homers the big surprise? Possibly to Trumbo, who hit his first. The true news story, though, involved the opposing pitcher, who…held the Tribe to one hit, Shin-Soo Choo’s fourth-inning single. Then there were lots of comments describing how this would…

[Nope, nope there still weren’t. -ed] Bleep it, you people jump to conclusions but then don’t jump to conclusions when it would be funny. Oh well.

4/13: Bonds found guilty of obstruction of justice. [Not defensive obstruction, which occurs when fielders illicitly impede the progress of runners. This is difficult to pull off from left field. -ed] Though, he stole lots, once. Possibly he could run in quickly enough. The point is, this didn’t occur here.

4/15: MLB honors Robinson. This seems to occur pretty well in to the spring. Not beginning in the common month helps. The new website, I’m 42, includes Tweets, pictures, videos, but no Deep Thought. [Well, discussing the end of the color line is deep thought, I suppose. -ed]

Quiet, you.

4/17: The Twins choose their new closer. Once more. Considering how much bullpen strength they got themselves the previous summer, this should not present problems for them. Wonder how much more they’ll wind up with before this summer finishes? It could be lots.

Non-lipogramatically, new sidebar link: Value Over Replacement Grit, some great baseball stuff (involving lots of wordplay!) from Humbug alum dianagram. Scrabble fans, check this out.