A Longstanding Sentiment

“Represent each team.”
“Let most guys play.” “This one counts!”
Pick two out of three.

Random updates

Ah, the internet.
Home of wild, wacky, sites
That analyze blogs.

Apparently, I’m
A male, at least sixty-six
Who’s often upset

And who writes in a
Very personal style.
Interesting guess.

My Myers-Briggs type
Is, they say, ESFP.
(Each letter is wrong!)

Oh well. Guess I’ll just
Have to write the way I write
And let the net guess.

Still, it’s ironic
They call me an “E”, not “I”…
I don’t like E’s here!

There’s an E in the standings
No one likes to see.

(Unless, of course, it’s
By the team in second place
When your team’s in first.)

Staying in the hunt
For your division only
Is a weird fall fate.

Also, it is proof
That the division you’re in
Is not very strong.

The good news about
That is that it makes sweeping
Rivals easier.

And speaking of sweeps,
The Twins could pull one off now.
I should go watch. Bye!