“Lost and Found” (long lipogram)

I have a long lipogrammatic story posted here. It’s a fanfiction written about the novel “A Void” (translation of “La Disparition”), both of which were themselves written without the letter E. You don’t exactly need to be familiar with the plot of the book to read my story, because it doesn’t have much of a plot. To make a long story short; a man named Anton Vowl disappears from his apartment in Paris. His friends decide to get together and investigate and figure out what happened to him, but it turns out that most of them are related to each other and him, and then most of them (in particular, anyone who realizes that they’re trapped in a lipogram) die. It’s not a real happy story.

Anyway, in the annual end-of-the year “Yuletide” exchange of fanfiction for small fandoms, there’s a in-joke involving “Ghost Soup,” a nonexistent fandom that’s based on a piece of advice about how not to write a “Dear Santa” letter that kind of became a “don’t put beans in your ears” advice for fanfiction people:

Bad: “I would like a Ghost Soup story where Luke makes out with Angela’s clone and Angela gets mad and seduces Moira just to make Luke mad, and then Ryan and Luke duel to the death with their lightsabers and it ends up in an Angela/Angela’s clone/Moira threesome. And Ryan feels really bad and flies off to Mars forever.”

Anyway, there are a bunch of other shoutouts (the story-within-a-story structure was also part of the original), but that should be more than enough to get you started, if you’re wondering whether I still do lipograms. :p