Love Sonnet

This one’s for you, my terror and my shame
In bronze abstractions of our nuclear waste,
Unending traffic, pressure I can’t name–
“Be safe, but see it all!”–with which I’m faced.

Wisdom received; deep pizza, deeper lake
Deep hidden bookstacks. Best, the rooms I’ll find
By train or small quick foot, for their own sake
Each in their way enlivening the mind.

All of the platforms that I’ve walked among,
The bell towers, their views from climbing fire.
The whiteboard with hellos in every tongue
The soccer fields and hockey rinks afire.

I loved you first after I left you first.
I’ll leave and love you all the more, uncursed.

Defensive Indifference

Looking down at the stars, I know it’s clear
That, for all they care, I might not be here.
Defensive indifference follows errors,
Take a base in stride, not dread or terrors.

The stars may have their burning flame
But not because they know my name.
There need not be a true connection
For me to have this strange affection.

Admirer as I think I must
Be for these losers who’ll go bust,
I cannot now, I see them, say
I regret that I watch them play.

Should the stars disappear, being sold,
I’ll watch the backups and behold
This same affection, you would find–
After all this time, I can’t mind.