One or two of these lines is about baseball

I am the silence in between
All of my inadequacies.
I say little I do not mean:
Of what I mean, little of these.
I rarely am the first to poke
You and begin a fingered war;
I cannot take a simple joke,
They blame me for what came before.
They do. I don’t know who they are,
They do not deign to show a face
But this makes the most sense by far,
I’m in the wrong time and/or place.
I cannot scoff (if I’d have cared)
I can’t speak faith (for some will scoff)
I can’t be brave (if I’d have dared)
I cannot turn the message off,
I care too little, or too much
I start six lines by saying I
And that will never do, as such
And I don’t know if I should try.
If I am small I will not cross
The threshold of the things that matter.
I look back on each win, each loss,
Deaf but to calls of “hey, swing batter.”


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