Division Series, Day 5

And should it be this difficult to view
A couple ballgames that don’t overlap?
The earliest game isn’t on these channels;
The later ones are on at the same time
(Exascerbated by each extra inning)
And extra innings surely are dramatic.
Why sit around and watch somebody fail
When they are not my team? And still they trail,
So to the ninth. The fans perched, half-ecstatic,
Of course, are for the other team, who’s winning.
I go on watching just the same when I’m
Doubting it will go down in any annals
And might not expect reasons for a clap.
But if I clapped, then know I clapped for you.


2 thoughts on “Division Series, Day 5

  1. Sounds like the addiction of sport – I once stayed up all night watching Olympic curling! Good poem.

  2. Thank you very much! 🙂

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