Division Series, Day 4

In finite time
We procrastinate.
Today becomes this afternoon
Will become “after dinner.”
After dinner I will try to do work.

Dinner will come on time.
No, after this half-inning. No–
When the Giants get a hit.
Keep quiet, the game’s tied one apiece.
It would be strange, I think,
Calling back to another game,
And a funny name,
To make a jinx based on a nickname.
Nothing happens, yet.
And still, dinner waits.

Later, I take a pencil
Prepare to draw loops
Leading to nowhere.
All of the paths
Come from other circles,
Other starts and ends
That take in zeroes after zeroes,
Sometimes ones
And wind and wend
Every which way.
They are nondeterministic;
It’s not clear when
Or if they’ll end.


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