World Series, Day 4

There was an extra round and there was rain
And there were extras. None of that would keep
The playoffs from concluding in their main
Month here. Win by the sweep, lose by the sweep.
The Tigers could go yard once they would try it,
The Giants showed them how. It’s not too weird
To overhear the yelling from “the riot”
Nor to watch the closer’s secondhand beard.
Let the rain fall; today the sky is orange.

World Series, Day 3

Or, An Open Letter To People Unlikely To Read This

There were times when people like you
Would not have asked me the score.
You would have known who was playing,
Not because you particularly cared
But because it was the only game in town,
Because the towns were clustered together,
Because it was something to talk about.

Today, you are free to watch whatever you like,
Or would be if I wasn’t hogging the TV.
I ask, several times, but you let me keep it.
You can watch soccer;
I scribble on Facebook, MLS Playoffs anyone?
You can watch basketball,
You can’t technically watch the NHL right now,
But the announcers will cite it anyway
Just to get more data about best of seven series.
You can play dodgeball or videogames or guitar,
Play school, work school,
Find a niche and pick it.

Instead here you are, and I explain,
The Giants are winning.
The game is in Detroit.
The Tigers are from Detroit.
The Giants are from San Francisco.
Well, they’re from New York. They left.
The Dodgers were all like let’s take over the west coast
And be rivals there. It’ll be fun.

Pretty much, that’s how it happened.
No, I’m not a Giants fan.
No, I’m not a Tigers fan.
The Giants are still winning.
They’re up two games to none.
It’s best out of seven.
This is game three.
This is the third game in a row.
The next game will be tomorrow.
It is not a “tripleheader.”
No, that would have to be on the same day.

Take the TV back, if you want.
Say something, go out and party.
You don’t need to care for the playoffs,
Just as I don’t need to care for whatever you do.

And maybe, if you don’t care about the playoffs,
Don’t come in and ask
If anyone wants to watch the soccer playoffs
Just to get a rise out of me
When you explain that you don’t care about the playoffs.

There is a line, somewhere,
Between being social, fitting in,
Making conversation, having fun,
And lying to annoy,
Using others because you can. Right?
Each play is a new chance
And I am backpedaling out in left field
Unable to see
Just waiting for it all to come down.

If I was brave, I’d ask you
Why I was worth your time.

World Series, Day 1

Another hit, we see the ball
Get driven to the outfield, deep.
It’s then we notice as the wall
Is mastered by an outfield leap
Or flickers in and out of sight.
It’s only since they showed a stat
About him that my eyes alight
Upon the piece of the wall that
Displays “Ott.” Then “McCovey” too
Comes whirring in my vision’s reach
But just as quicky fades from view
Along with home run marks for each.

And so another series starts,
Another host of marks is set,
A slew of pitchers take their parts
In questions barely valid yet.
Cabrera’s won the triple crown
A fired Ozzie Guillen Tweets
But win or lose, some might look down
On him, never mind these defeats.
History goes on, anyway
We change up our trivia, and a
New hero joins the list today.
All hail the mighty Kung Fu Panda.

LCS, Day 5

First there were announcers
Who seemed to start a jinx
Or just were acting stupid.
Who cares what each one thinks?

There’s also advertisements
I don’t want to give money
To those who just ask for it.
What’s weirder, if not funny,

Are ads which make the error
Of thinking that you care.
“You want to see more of this?
On the web, more is there!”

I’ll turn it off entirely
During a rain delay
Checking back on and off
Until they start to play.

As for patriotism,
I couldn’t give a hoot.
So seventh innings have become
A new excuse to mute.