Olympic Thoughts

Blogging has been on a hiatus and will continue to be, indefinitely, till blogging inspiration hits. My poetry inspiration continues in full force–things that have inspired me to write poems in the last few weeks include Alan Turing’s 100th birthday, a not-very-attractive face, and temporarily living in the eye of the storm of a long-running news story.

Today I got the chance to read at an Open Mic night; it went okay, but I couldn’t help think all open mics would be better if they took a little more inspiration from the Olympics.


(#2 was the best of the first six, for the record.)

A Nerdy Parody

Nothing to do with sports and I’m not sure how many of my readers will get this, but some of you might. This idea hit me last night and then wrote itself and since I’m blogging so little I felt I’d share.

Two roads diverged alongside a wood.
And sorry I could not follow both
And be one settler, I thought good
To look ahead long as I could
While planning for some future growth.

I chose one after I’d compare,
Telling myself it’s just a game
But knowing chance can be unfair
Though as for that the chances there
Made them worth really about the same.

The other one, which I would spurn
Was built over by another track.
Oh, I had kept it for another turn!
Yet knowing how little we can learn
I doubted that I could ever go back.

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages on,
Two roads diverged by the wood, and I–
I made my choice, and that is why
I lost at Settlers of Catan.