Twins 11, Cubs 3

Not sure if the 100 lipograms thing will actually happen after all, but I do have another (very cosmopolitan) post on the way for #200. Get excited!

It’s not that unusual for video screens to list the names of businesses or church groups, whenever there’s a large group and everyone comes.
What is unusual is, in between the names of all of those high-level companies, early in the alphabet, happening to spot the “Bleacher Bums.”
Between half-innings, the video screen shows us all another proposal. Those big-screen ones have been growing a little more common, it seems.
But again there’s a difference at today’s game, because usually the couples on display aren’t wearing the merchandise of the opposing teams.
And the sidebar column displays the Twins’ first names, rather than last names. Minnesota nice? Lots of these names happen to start with Js.
The good news is at least there aren’t any Jasons on the Twins’ roster right now. None at all! Because that was a really unmanageable phase.
In the bottom of the fourth, the Twins bat around. The Junior PA announcer, getting his money’s worth, gets to read a relief pitcher’s name.
Later, the Twins’ lead grows out of control, and I log on to the free wi-fi and twitter to sarcastically nominate him as player of the game.


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