Elegy II?

I keep forgetting that the New York Times
Is from New York. Or that New York exists
With fans and bandwagon-hoppers. It lists
The teams in order. (“Pittsburgh Pirates”): gets
The full names listed. But “Yankees” and “Mets”
Since they’re the locals. In the St. Paul Press,
Everything but the Twins are spelled out, yes.
I got used to that living near St. Paul.
The paper was local, the city small.

In my mind’s eye, the baggies still hide seats
Only taken down for Vikings defeats.
The indie scorecards and the makeshift drums.
“No smoking in the Metrodome.” It comes
Back now in fits and starts. The game delayed
So that some college football could be played.
The comebacks and the awesome pitching there.
Kicking you out the door, the rush of air…

The Times aren’t changing now, so much, although
I move between cities, I come and go.
To the extent the Vikings cross my mind
It’s schadenfreude, nothing very kind.
I can’t truthfully say I care where they
Have their home games. Not like I watch them play.
But hidden there on the back page it’s shown;
Dayton signs, Dome to crash. I wish I’d known.


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