Introducing 100 Lipograms

I don’t have very high expectations for this blog, and that’s fine by me. The fact that I haven’t had much to say these past few weeks shouldn’t be a problem, but when my “should I blog about this?” worries start interfere with the way I read about baseball, well, that scares me.

So I’m changing things up. I want to write lipograms, but I’m giving myself a very low word count limit (100 words, or a “drabble” in the parlance of the fanfiction crowd) to shoot for. The challenge? I’m going to write a hundred lipograms over the next few months/years(?) however long it takes. This is part of a large-scale blogging project involving lots of users writing 100 posts.

Of course, 100 words is just a lower limit so I don’t scare myself off, my first post was over this by some distance. Some of this series will be baseball-related, some might not be. If you have (sports or otherwise) requests/challenges/anything, let me know! Most of them will probably be here, but I might space some out on another blog.

Wish me luck!


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