Top Nine Google “Search Queries”

I’m long overdue for another one of those “things people search for to get here” posts, but this is not quite one of those. This is based on Google’s “search queries”–that is to say, search terms that cause my page to be listed by Google, whether they click through to them or not.

And they shouldn’t always, because some of them will be woefully unhelpful. This is still “top” in the sense of “most amusing,” not “most common” (“lipogram” is still doing well).

  • bleachers with people (they’re much better than the empty kind)
  • hull swingers (I’m assuming this is a mashup of two different sports)
  • person jumping off a cliff (what?!)
  • mayské symboly (I don’t know what you’re looking for, but you will not find it on my blog)
  • animals running into things (hey, it’s a lipogram, but still)
  • titles of jesus christ (uh…)
  • plural words ending in s (they’re much more numerous than the other kind. Or did Google drop a “not” or something?)
  • bad graphs (Hey!)
  • do good anyway poem (which actually loads my graphs page, not even a poetry archive.)
Weird. Thanks for finding this place, however you do.

4 thoughts on “Top Nine Google “Search Queries”

  1. Hmmm ….. I ought to do one of these for my blog …

    Funny stuff there!

  2. Wow. That last one sounds like a command. “Do good anyway, poem!” That’s what high schoolers say to their poetry assignments as they turn them in.

  3. Funny, my normal high school English classes had very little creative writing. (Maybe that’s why I didn’t like most of them?) I took an extra creative writing class on my own, though.

    And I think since I posted this I got a search result from “a pie chart of the 4 biggest religions all around the world.” Um. No. Almost! But not quite.

  4. Jesus Christ and the 4 biggest religions all around! Baseball is religion for some people after all…. This was really humerous!

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