The Radio Fan Watches FOX

Was that Tony La Russa after all?
The glasses look right. I don’t know the eyes.
Was that a slider? Changeup? Or curveball?
Perhaps this would be a good place for wise

Commentators to…maybe…commentate.
They keep silent, cutaway to the same
Fan–wedding ring, hair dyed, breath quick to bate–
That they have been showing throughout the game.

Give me the details that I could not hear;
The red glove, the necklace striped blue and white.
We all are fans and we can all guess fear,
We know what is at stake on such a night.

And beyond night, I’ll try myself to share
The game with others–it’s morning out there.

NLCS Jottings

How tall must you stand, how far
From this world
Until, as a cloud,
Nobody knows what your shadow is?

Wisconsin. Wisconsin! Unsaid,
Too casual to show up in discussion
(or is it just a constraint pointing my way?)
Wisconsin, divisional champions. Missouri, wild cards,
Though I too can pull away
St. Louis from Kansas City.
An arbitrary imposition–
nobody would claim arbitration
Is arbitrary, if not
Judging from far away
And much that is not just discussions of salary.

Judging in words, if words that sound halfway
Grammatical, can sound broad.
Lash out at a sign,
A stand-in for many similar or
Dissimilar things.
A proxy, a symbol,
A goat.
Or throw off grammar, form, constraint,
Writing for your bright cohorts
Who know with a wink what you want to
(Though you wouldn’t, you know, not in just that way)

A young man…not so young, not as young
As all who mock. And not as old
As all who stand tall and jab softly.

What can you watch on TV? An at-bat.
A pitch thrown towards a man in a mask.
A batsman, bat in hands, not facing you, not facing
A backstop. So in a right look
At southpaws anyway.
Or a hit ball–a shortstop grabs, runs, throws,
A tiny blur in uniform runs backwards
Towards a far wall, puts his hand up, and?

Or it can zoom in, not at action, not at anything,
Just a thing to look at,
A moundsman, light, bill down,
Not looking at you
But how far from far!

Or cut away
To Tony La Russa.
I am not good with knowing
Who is who, who looks how
But now I think I know
Tony La Russa’s staring stand.
I think.

Top Nine Google “Search Queries”

I’m long overdue for another one of those “things people search for to get here” posts, but this is not quite one of those. This is based on Google’s “search queries”–that is to say, search terms that cause my page to be listed by Google, whether they click through to them or not.

And they shouldn’t always, because some of them will be woefully unhelpful. This is still “top” in the sense of “most amusing,” not “most common” (“lipogram” is still doing well).

  • bleachers with people (they’re much better than the empty kind)
  • hull swingers (I’m assuming this is a mashup of two different sports)
  • person jumping off a cliff (what?!)
  • mayské symboly (I don’t know what you’re looking for, but you will not find it on my blog)
  • animals running into things (hey, it’s a lipogram, but still)
  • titles of jesus christ (uh…)
  • plural words ending in s (they’re much more numerous than the other kind. Or did Google drop a “not” or something?)
  • bad graphs (Hey!)
  • do good anyway poem (which actually loads my graphs page, not even a poetry archive.)
Weird. Thanks for finding this place, however you do.