Random Q&As

You can show up as a visiting star on any TV show. What will you pick?

Oh wow. I don’t watch much TV at all. I did watch Numb3rs (it turns into a lipogram! Woohoo!) a lot, but it’s off air now. I did watch a bit of Scranton hijinks, but now not that much. So I’d go with showing up as a fan at a ballpark. Shocking, huh?

(Or singing along with Big Bird and co. I could do that.)

What topics do you find it fun arguing about?

Mostly just unimportant stuff. I don’t try to discuss big, important topics–I’m firm in my opinions, and I just kind of think anybody I talk to is also of firm thoughts. I don’t want to put up with rationalizations about why I’m wrong, so I think I shouldn’t do that to anybody I’m talking to.


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