Random Q&As

You can show up as a visiting star on any TV show. What will you pick?

Oh wow. I don’t watch much TV at all. I did watch Numb3rs (it turns into a lipogram! Woohoo!) a lot, but it’s off air now. I did watch a bit of Scranton hijinks, but now not that much. So I’d go with showing up as a fan at a ballpark. Shocking, huh?

(Or singing along with Big Bird and co. I could do that.)

What topics do you find it fun arguing about?

Mostly just unimportant stuff. I don’t try to discuss big, important topics–I’m firm in my opinions, and I just kind of think anybody I talk to is also of firm thoughts. I don’t want to put up with rationalizations about why I’m wrong, so I think I shouldn’t do that to anybody I’m talking to.

Top 9 Random Tidibits about Making Slams Grand

So grand slamming is a big topic now, what with it occurring for a third go-round by a squad in a short duration. And I got to thinking, “grand” is arguably a poor word. It’s a “four-run” blast, truly–that’s your only way to notch four runs in a go. But “grand” could signify lots of things. Such as:

  • going far
  • finishing up your matchup
  • winning a thousand dollars for a fan (WGN TV almost has this promotion, but it’s in your fifth inning, so you could obtain that many “grand”. Also, as long as I’m talking about “a thousand” on my lipogram blog, you should try and track down a short story known as “1 to 999” by Isaac Asimov if you can. You will know why if you find it.)
  • staying in bounds (possibly? A thing is cool by dint of its difficulty, translating to going not as far? I don’t know about this.)
  • By that logic, any oddity of surrounding data could qualify a slam as “grand.” Of all counts, a particular count (full? Two and two? First pitch) is most common for hitting balls out. But I don’t know which. I doubt it’s known to that many. And if it would vary…no, I don’t think this is a good way to count.
  • Having a triad of guys on is unusual. You start with nobody on, and must work to load up bags. Possibly you could all go out without loading up bags, just as you could possibly hit a ball into play and not fill up your count. So is a full count most uncommon?
  • Okay, now I’m curious and want to look this up. 16% of slams in 2011 occur on a first pitch. I still don’t know about full counts or anything.
  • This fraction is roughly constant across campaigns, although this particular statistic is a bit low.
  • I didn’t plan for this post to go in this fashion at all. Oops. But it’s probably good that I’m blogging–hard to know just what to post about. I’ll probably try putting up random Q&As again.

Trying an odd tactic…

This blog host will put prompts up for you if you finish a post. So, I will try using such a prompt, posting this, and looking for follow-up prompts that I can modify this post to put in. Don’t know how many I will fit in. Obviously, I must modify phrasings slightly.

Who has a cool way of talking?

Josh Groban. His “O Holy Night” is good–I find most Christmas pop music on radios bad, but not his song.

How much visual contact do you do? “Unblinking Intimidator” or not?

Not at all. I’m not so good at picking up on social norms such as knowing how to do a lot of visual contact. Not worrying about such habits is a big plus for blogging!

Is a film always not as good as its original book? Any “usually, but…”s?

In my opinion, it’s usually “what I know first is most good.” An adaptation cannot match that quality, as it will usually omit an important thing or two. But, many film adaptations can work–Flatland, I think, is not as fun as its short film adaptation (which has a happy finish–said book lacks such). Similarly dorky, Phantom Tollbooth‘s animation is top-notch. And if many books go in a row (such as Harry P.’s magical sagas), I might dub a book or two not as good as its companions. (Say, book 4, Pyro-cup of Magic.) As I didn’t think that much of this book, I could watch its film and say “that wasn’t that bad.”

Longhand post

Hi, world! Tonight, on a humongous full-moon night, I’m going old-school, writing this longhand, hanging out with vacationing pals in Wisconsin, and trying to fight off horrid stomach cramps. I could try scanning and uploading this so you could look at my atrocious handwriting…or not.

Acoustic music is going on; a young woman sings and plays a digital piano mockup. Onto a chorus, again. And it looks as if I clap for all songs.

I might run for bathroom pit stops on many occasions, but I can just start and stop writing, so you won’t know. Lucky you, avoiding such gory particulars. Cramps stink.

I am writing with ink-my wood writing tools don’t work (I had no occasion to snap such in furyfor months now. I ought to dump stuff out of my backpack now and again), and I think I’m out of black ink. But this is good. I am most fond of this color. I cannot point out which color it is, but, you know.

Wi-fi is on in this joint. I could log on to find Cubs info. I could stick around for up to two hours, but I don’t know if I want to go on writing (longhand) that long. I could put stuff on my tool for making calls, but this is kind of fun. Or would bring fun, if my dumb stomach didn’t hurt.

Hmm, I could try writing out lipogrammatic lyrics to pop songs now, to show how many crossouts I would put in. (This will not truly show how slow it is, though.) I could ask my pals for songs to parody.

Upon discussing this, I will do a song I know and am particularly fond of. I’ll call it “What About All Of This” (not actually what you should call it). Ok…

No holiday sound on this road
But stubborn snapshots of gold*
That didn’t fall back in fall
And go on rustling in vain.
Holiday sky, midnight cold.
Wind is high, I grow old.
Old windows rustling, groaning as if in pain.
Looking for a stop, for living’s always so brisk.
I try to climb up on top, always a thing I must risk
Anything’s always so far, what about my stupid car?
What about my story so far?
What about my goal?
What about…

What about all of this?
What about hug and kiss and
What about ghost ships that still haunt?
What about…
What about a moon and stars?
What about a captain’s fighting scars
And his mad look, so thin and gaunt?
I am not in want.

Go along, nobody will mind.
You and I can go out and find
If I was right on that night,
That finish to my old past.
Don’t sit wasting a day
Watching it float away
It’s school and work and now what
If it’s dying that’s cast.
Think about hours for fun
Think about hours for play–
And about this world having won.
Got nothing to say.
If I cannot pass my buck,
What about glory and luck?
Or convincing you I don’t suck?**
What about a ring?
What about…
(to chorus)

No holiday sound on this road.
But for my song and my moan
All my town’s harbor lights bright
With sailboats rustling in vain.
Holiday sky, midnight cold.
Wind is high, strong and bold.
I find it hard to complain
If I think of
What about…
…What about Martians and
What about you and us, and
What about falls, a brook, a font?
What about…
What about buildings that fall?
What about that loud midnight call
About goings-on that will daunt?
I am not,
I am not,
I am not in want.

I’m going to stop and go on wifi now (9:30).

9:40. My thing won’t pick up this wifi signal. But I could borrow a laptop for surfing. What’s truly good is that my stomach is not so bad now! So I am happy. I thought I had cash to buy a snack with, but it looks as if I don’t, oops.

Oh, looks as if I was actually lugging a dollar around in my backpack. But that is not what I had in mind.

Music is wrapping up now. No singing, just playing, which is good. I’m not a big fan of a lot of songs…lyrically too (stop writing, clap along with rhythm, start up again) boring. I do not want information about your romantic liaison, particularly if I cannot distinguish it from any radio song. I don’t mind many songs without lyrics, though.

Now it’s just a CD or mp3 playing. Again, no lyrics, so I’m a fan.

(Postscript: Again I would stop at that point. Just typing it up now. I got a snack, too! And Cubs won!)