Random topics

I just put up a graph post, and as I did so, this blog’s host brought up a bunch of stuff I could try posting about, not knowing I usually focus on sports. But, practicing my lipogram skill won’t hurt, so I’ll try this out. Obviously, I must adjust such topics’ wording, as this host is also not conscious of what a lipogram is.

What sort of workout do you find most fun?

Um…nothing. I am a lazy bum. It’s fun to play broomball, though. And I can walk to locations…if I want to? Right now and through most of August I am living in a city in which I must walk up and down a big hill most days. So that is a sort of workout. But I do not find it fun.

You just got a magic wand. What will you do with it?

Uh…Arithmancy at Hogwarts? I don’t know. (I am looking forward to going to that film Friday at midnight, but in contrast to many I talk to, I do not think it marks a finish to an important span of films. Possibly its book’s publication was such an important finish, but a film adaptation is just part of many spinoffs. Not an important day, too much. Plus, I could go back to watch in 3-D…)

Do you try to finish all books you start, as if it was an obligation?

No. If I don’t want to look at a book, or if it starts good but stops looking fun, I will stop. In fact I wish now and again that books would stop looking fun in part two, say, vis-a-vis four, so I do not go on paging and paging only to go “Gah, stupid author with an abrupt tonal shift, this is a dumb bait-and-switch! Why can fictional ongoings work my mind up? I am an irrational fool.” Sigh.


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