Top Nine Translation Telephone Lines (a puzzle for you!)

So, maybe you’ve seen sites like this one. Translation Telephone runs text through Google Translate so many times, often all grammar and meaning is lost–even if a few key words can be preserved. Proper nouns often stay put, so something like “Go, go, go, Gomez, we wish you could stay, But we want someone who knows how to play,” becomes “Go, go, go go Gomez, we want to stop, we want people to know how to act” after twenty translations. (It stays perfectly the same after four, which might be my personal best!) Similarly,

“Euler set it up right:
Sines and cosines might as well be the things
That fans love best–imaginary springs.”

turns into  “Euler to right: male Cassin, hot fantasy fans love.” (“Imaginary” turned into “fantasy” by way of “fictional.” “Sine” became “male” by way of “son.”)

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to identify which of my original (or parody) lines got turned into the results below.  Many were originally complete sentences, possibly criss-crossing lines of poems. All of them can be found on this site, in some form, under the “poems” or “parodies” category. Good luck.

  • “Courage to decline further, but respect for those who have never said no.”
  • “Fear, hope, faith, prayer, Continuing what is this?”
  • “I often dream of missing. However, the loss of shame, after all, love the city probably can not win.”
  • “Lost in a dream the night. Aquila championships.”
  • “Maybe revolutyonari Forsa Colombia army, was in his heart.”
  • “Not finding work, must be less than what a game like this.”
  • “Not old, declined to discuss it with your family is difficult. But for me, so I do not.”
  • “We are together. You can not delete. Our children will stop the plague.”
  • “You will love it. This is the time for sorrow.”

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