2011…Summer of the letdown?

Question. How complex must some phenomenon, X, be before nobody deems one specific revolution of the sun “the time of X”? I’m not referring to the UN or whoever dubbing something “the time of X” prior to the time, to promote knowledge of X. (2011 is for forests, it looks like–I Googled.) I’m not referring to the Chinese system, either. No, I’m thinking (on one end) of 2010’s “for pitchers! for no-hitters!” discussion.

I’ve posted on this subject before. I think it’s dumb to dub 2010 the property of such constructs, if it’s still 2010. It’ll just predispose you to squinting, bending numbers so you might point, going “ooh, see! More excellent pitching!” I don’t deny it, we witnessed excellent pitching in 2010. But the gun-jumping occurred too quickly.

I’m risking committing this error, now, for I wish to point out some events which feel linked to me. Possibly not. Possibly it’s just me seeing “oh, wow, how weird these twists were!” Or “this would be so upsetting, were I on the losing end.” Or “I should blog on this result, but is there something new to point out?” I put these off for some time (except the third, which only just occurred), but I do see some kind of trend.

June Twenty-fourth through Twenty-sixth. I get some of the criticisms. “Junior versus Senior Circuit competitions will not work. The schedule is not even. You will get weird results between divisions. Don’t do it.” So, I see the need to work on preserving even schedules for such encounters.

But, the U2 rock tour pushed NL Fish out of their preferred environment, up to the other corner of the country for one series. They hit second. The pitchers hit. Senior Circuit rules…inside some Junior Circuit field. The Fish lost two of three, the third in the tenth due to Steve Cishek’s wild pitch while they were letting someone go to first uncontested. (Someone once wrote this goofy list (bottom of 81) to prohibit the suggested move of just sending people to first without throwing. Now we see why it’s truly useful!) This hurt the Fish’ home record, ESPN’s website notes, for they were the home side. Kind of. Their 2011-long ticket-holders will go to 78 contests. This is not in itself weird (you could skip some contests due to inclemency, even in their legit home), but still feels like letdowns do.

Did things get less weird for the “hosts”‘ Senior Circuit encounters?

No. No they did not.

July Third. Hosting, truly this time, fellow West Divisioners, they lost in nine innings. The only run scored in the fifth inning, with the runner on to begin with from pitcher Doug Fister’s BB. How did this occur? Fister missed the strike zone with the count seeming full. The true numbers were 2-2, the score sign being off.

I’ve been to this field. I’ve kept score there. I’ve used the electronic signs to help me (I didn’t get in on time, so needed to copy down the first few results). I decided, with no field I’ve seen since then convincing me otherwise, it is the uncontested best field for keeping score in. Plenty of helpful things.

But then this occurred.

Letdown? I’m thinking.

July Twenty-Sixth (into the morning of the twenty-seventh). Pittsburgh loses in the nineteenth inning, definitely exceeding the Boston/New York thing I posted on recently. Nine, plus nine, plus one. The kind of scoreline worth discussing just for being long. However, we discuss it due to controversy over the winning run. Not some utter blunder like the non-full full count, but something which turned out to be wrong, or possibly right in the end? We’re not sure. Third big letdown, just from those I’d kept thinking of to possibly post on.

So is 2011 the summer of the “oh, come on?” result? Could be. But I could still be rushing into things. It’s possible I only remember these for their interesting occurrences. When records get broken or blowout wins occur, those become big news–very telling, in terms of wins or losses, versus these stupid flukes. But writing’s got much to do with the funny things to pick up on, thus remembering.

One more note. You might wonder how decided to write on these results, right now? Well, when I viewed someone’s comment on some other encounter, I went, “Ooh! This gives me the theme I need to combine this fourth contest with the preceding three, to write some epic blog post!” It turns out I misinterpreted their comment. So now I’m just left with these three. Letdown four, surprisingly enough! Possibly my thoughts on this new contest will show up in other posts. Possibly not.

Kansas City 3, Boston 1, and so on

Now and again you’ll run across analysis of a squad or an individual that is “good, but not too good,” strong but not outstanding, of high quality but not about to blow you away. Last night (and this morning), two squads got wins, both unusual, though not so unusual that it would blow old marks away.

Kansas City against Boston, to start (or finish, as it was). On account of rain, that matchup would not start for almost two and a half hours past normal. Almost four and a half hours would go by without a finish. (Although, this is Boston of which I talk. Four and a half hours is not so bad for a loss in its fifth bonus inning, if you think of how long Boston-NY marathons can go.)

Plus,  Arlington’s local squad won against Twins, and how. Put it this way–Twins got six runs, but lost by two touchdowns (including points following, but no two-point plays). A high mark for that day’s champions? No. In fact, it’s just two-thirds of its historic scoring mark! Nor is its hit total a squad high, as said run mark had not as many hits.

So, what did MLB.com talk about today? Fascinating facts from Monday, obviously, but random writing too. It’s surprising how many kids of guys playing today must work through a disability. I don’t want to mock any such family, but if I put my mind to it, it’s almost too simplistic or common in “family spotlight” olds. Not non-olds. Olds. That’s what it is now.

Sorry for sporadic blogging. Hard to know what to post about. Possibly this URL will put prompts up again?

Random topics

I just put up a graph post, and as I did so, this blog’s host brought up a bunch of stuff I could try posting about, not knowing I usually focus on sports. But, practicing my lipogram skill won’t hurt, so I’ll try this out. Obviously, I must adjust such topics’ wording, as this host is also not conscious of what a lipogram is.

What sort of workout do you find most fun?

Um…nothing. I am a lazy bum. It’s fun to play broomball, though. And I can walk to locations…if I want to? Right now and through most of August I am living in a city in which I must walk up and down a big hill most days. So that is a sort of workout. But I do not find it fun.

You just got a magic wand. What will you do with it?

Uh…Arithmancy at Hogwarts? I don’t know. (I am looking forward to going to that film Friday at midnight, but in contrast to many I talk to, I do not think it marks a finish to an important span of films. Possibly its book’s publication was such an important finish, but a film adaptation is just part of many spinoffs. Not an important day, too much. Plus, I could go back to watch in 3-D…)

Do you try to finish all books you start, as if it was an obligation?

No. If I don’t want to look at a book, or if it starts good but stops looking fun, I will stop. In fact I wish now and again that books would stop looking fun in part two, say, vis-a-vis four, so I do not go on paging and paging only to go “Gah, stupid author with an abrupt tonal shift, this is a dumb bait-and-switch! Why can fictional ongoings work my mind up? I am an irrational fool.” Sigh.

Awards repetition

So, I was going to do a project for some other site, which involved me looking up winners of annual baseball awards (like the Cy Young and MVP). This did not pan out. On the other hand, it did allow me to give you this.

The graphs for Rookies of the Year are noticeably less interesting.

Top Nine Translation Telephone Lines (a puzzle for you!)

So, maybe you’ve seen sites like this one. Translation Telephone runs text through Google Translate so many times, often all grammar and meaning is lost–even if a few key words can be preserved. Proper nouns often stay put, so something like “Go, go, go, Gomez, we wish you could stay, But we want someone who knows how to play,” becomes “Go, go, go go Gomez, we want to stop, we want people to know how to act” after twenty translations. (It stays perfectly the same after four, which might be my personal best!) Similarly,

“Euler set it up right:
Sines and cosines might as well be the things
That fans love best–imaginary springs.”

turns into  “Euler to right: male Cassin, hot fantasy fans love.” (“Imaginary” turned into “fantasy” by way of “fictional.” “Sine” became “male” by way of “son.”)

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to identify which of my original (or parody) lines got turned into the results below.  Many were originally complete sentences, possibly criss-crossing lines of poems. All of them can be found on this site, in some form, under the “poems” or “parodies” category. Good luck.

  • “Courage to decline further, but respect for those who have never said no.”
  • “Fear, hope, faith, prayer, Continuing what is this?”
  • “I often dream of missing. However, the loss of shame, after all, love the city probably can not win.”
  • “Lost in a dream the night. Aquila championships.”
  • “Maybe revolutyonari Forsa Colombia army, was in his heart.”
  • “Not finding work, must be less than what a game like this.”
  • “Not old, declined to discuss it with your family is difficult. But for me, so I do not.”
  • “We are together. You can not delete. Our children will stop the plague.”
  • “You will love it. This is the time for sorrow.”