Lipogram Musical Song III

Sorry for still not posting on this blog. No inspiration at all, although my ability to sit down and start writing without worrying about tasks I must accomplish is unusually high this month vis-a-vis most months. Sigh. This is disappointing.

For now, this is also a song from my lipogram musical WIP.

But…Doctor Martins? What is a scholar?

Oh…a scholar is a chap who looks for truth.
An old chair or an up-and coming youth.
A local grad or all-star from abroad
Who won’t chalk stuff up to dumb luck, or God,
Who won’t just go along with what’s in fashion
Who won’t fall whim to any random passion,
But who, balancing cautious trust with doubt
Works hard to find what’s truly truthful out.

But you won’t find a scholar at this grand old U.
You can look around, but all that you will find
Is a bunch of folks who don’t know anything that you
Couldn’t pick up, if you could train your mind.

Oh, a scholar is a chap who looks for facts
Painstakingly. A scholar only acts
Following thought. A scholar will not bow
To what sounds most okay with all right now,
Nor lap at hands waving a crisp grant dollar.
Nothing of this for an upstanding scholar.
Scholars don’t sink to mocking, and don’t jab.
But just work hard, in library or lab.

But you won’t find a scholar at this grand old U.
Doctor Simon is always busy kissing
TAs, Doctor Jackson has got nothing to do.
And Doctor Wilkins is…um…gosh, is missing.

(talking): And that’s why I brought you around, you know. So you can go out and talk to distant groups.

Scott: Who should I talk to?

Martins: Oh, it’s not important. Just…if you could, a group I don’t know much about right now.

For a scholar’s work isn’t going to stop.
A scholar won’t say “Oh wow! I am on top.
I know all that I could truly want to know.”
No, a scholar’s work will only go and go.
It might bring him far away; it might stay local.
It might not do much, or it might wind up vocal.
A good scholar works, if information still
Is waiting and unknown. It always will.

Though you won’t find a scholar at this grand old U.
Doctor Watson has sat around from oh four.
Doctor Kirk just quit, and Doctor Chapman did so too,
And I had to show Doctor Young our door.


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