Giants 5, Cardinals 4

What has St. Louis in common with San Francisco? NL squads, towards our point, but first off, an similarity that’s almost obvious (if you know no Spanish, possibly not so obvious, but too bad. Spanish is cool). San Francisco is Spanish for “Saint Francis” (it was originally a missionary town), and St. Louis honors King Louis IX (a saint, shockingly). It was part of “Louisiana” (in honor of Louis XIV) back in Louis XIV’s day.

So, adopting a historical approach, you can pick out a third commonality. San Francisco is now what you might think of if I say “oh, this is a far road trip for Atlantic coast guys, having to go way out to such a faraway town.” Sun motion (okay, our world’s rotation) allows Pacific day matchups to start towards Atlantic night. It’s about as far as you can go.

But back in…okay, not Louis XIV’s day, but not our day, San Francisco had no major ball club. No, a far away trip for NL squads would go to such a far-flung municipality as…St. Louis. (Junior Circuit inhabitants had Kansas City to visit.) With transportation and communication so slow, you could not, as you can now, turn on your radio and go “aha, it’s still light out (or dark out and lights function!) in San Francisco.” Nor could you log on to and go “oh, it’s still light in San Francisco, it’s not a night affair, but it’s in inning what?”

And today, you can. And I did. And it was not that day’s champion of duration; such an honor was to go to Colorado vs. Pittsburgh (14 innings, not 12). But–thanks to St. Louis’ marathons last campaign? a possibility to follow Giants during day? such a synchronicity of towns?–that was what I would follow along.

At this blog’s birth, I didn’t know what sort of stuff I would put up but “woo, sports talk!” But I think I was imagining short summary blurbs. “Around divisions: Manny quits, marathon matchups, odd occasions, and stuff.” That didn’t totally pan out–odd occasions, right, but not so much summary stuff. I don’t know what 2011 will bring, and it’s sort of hard to dig through six-plus days’ worth of information to find cool blog topics. But I’ll try to find out.


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