Not a parody

This is not a parody about how bad a month April is.* (It is also not an April Fools’ trick to point out how silly a month April is.)

April is a good month for starting to play sports in, although this is not a law or anything. If a March hoops thing can spill into April, so too can a sport that historically starts in April start in March. And if Australia was to host a division of pro play, possibly officials would say “no, starting in April will put lots of action in cold months, that is dumb. How about a plan that will put our finish in April? That’d work.” Why, football (not U. S. football, football in locations that wrap up playing football in May) wraps up in May in many locations. Um. As you just found out. But go with it.

This plan for 2011 had a goal of wrapping up so that our final two months will not contain any play. That’s okay, I think. For as July drags into August, you might not think too much about tacking on a final month (marginal worth and all). But in snowy months, thinking “Ooh, in March official matchups start! I can’t wait!” is a good twist.

This is also not a parody about how good or bad Friday is for starting a campaign. It sounds normal at first: don’t play Thursday, but do play Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday’s a road trip day as usual. Oh, you might say that your first day of play shouldn’t go too normally–bring out bunting and stuff!–but spring training is around to work out kinks. On day 1, you should hit your ground running.

And also, if you want to watch a parody about Friday, many URLs can show you such by now.

And this is not a parody about how good or bad 2011 is. For all that’s shown up in print (Bonds’ trial, Citi financial mishaps), and for all that April won’t automatically spark thoughts of “starting month!” now, most of this campaign still waits for us to watch and find out.

*Although I can put in random annotations anyway.

Non-lipogramatically (as several of you know by now), I have a Twitter account now; my latest Tweet will appear on the bottom of the sidebar. Feel free to ignore it if it’s not your thing, or “follow” EmberNickel if it is.


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