My Shadow

My tiny or big shadow walks around and in or out
And I do not know, and cannot find out, what it is about.
It is similar to my body, from foot right up to hair,
It follows all my jumping, with two hands to match my pair.

And what is truly funny about it is how it will grow,
Not at all as normal kids do, which is always oh so slow.
For my shadow might shoot up tall, as if it’s a bouncing ball
But it also might stay tiny, as if it’s nothing at all.

It hasn’t got a notion of how us kids ought to play
And it only will do foolish things in any sort of way.
It fights back if I punch at it, but it’s not strong or hairy,
It won’t go far away; I think it finds all things too scary.

It was an odd hour of a morning, not past sunup.
I was pouring a bag of dog food out for my small pup.
But my shadow didn’t join this trip, it thought that it was boring.
It has to catch a lot of Z’s; I’m glad that it’s not snoring!


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