Lipogram musical–snip II

Sorry for lack of blogging, my inspiration is focusing on actual writing for a class I’m in. But this is also a song from my WIP musical. In which Scott, our protagonist, shows us that his anthropological ability is…not good at all.

(Scott climbs out of that cart, but spills a bunch of food and falls down.)

Not a flying start
Toppling this cart.
Just a painful fall
Down against a wall.
Bruising, lying down,
This is not my town.

(Scott, clutching his limb, climbs up against a wall.)

This is not my town…

Tabula rasa!
I don’t know what’s going on.
Tabula rasa!
Working blindly until dawn.
Tabula rasa!
Laws that I know might not hold.
Tabula rasa!
So it’s okay if I’m bold!

So what if food’s just up for grabs?
Who knows? Fal might want it this way.
That’s not how I find food, but my
Local traditions shouldn’t hold sway.

I can’t honor cultural norms
Such as Fal’s, until I know what
Is good and is not. So tonight
I can act without “why”, “should” or “but”!

Tabula rasa!
If I could stand up, I could
Tabula rasa!
Without thoughts of “bad” or “good”
Tabula rasa!
Do anything that I want.
Tabula rasa!
I’d go on a midnight jaunt.

I could simply start
By taking this cart.
Munch on all this food
If in such a mood.
For a mild thrill,
Go around and kill
Anybody I
Would randomly spy.

Tabula rasa!
Nobody around can say
Tabula rasa!
What I do is not okay.
Tabula rasa!
I could just act on a whim
Tabula rasa!
If it wasn’t for this limb.

Tabula rasa!
Nobody’s around tonight
Tabula rasa!
To say what is wrong or right
Tabula rasa!
Who’s to say Fal has my thoughts?
Tabula rasa!
Who’s to say Fal has my oughts?

Tabula rasa!
For tonight, until I know
Tabula rasa!
What is normal, I can go
Tabula rasa!
Joyriding, killing and
Tabula rasa!
(molto ritardando)…but how it hurts to stand.


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