Ring Out, Wild Chords

Ring out, wild chords, to your wild sky
With flying clouds and frosty light
2010’s fading out by night.
Ring out, wild chords, and watch it fly.

Ring out what’s old, ring in what’s young.
Ring, happy chords, out through crisp snow.
2010’s going, watch it go.
Ring out truth till it’s loud and sung.

Ring out crying that saps a mind
For all passing through that last door.
Ring out spats among rich and poor,
Ring in goodwill to all mankind.

Ring out clamor of barking jaws
And old forms of party striving.
Ring in ways that bring, now arriving,
Nobility and upright laws.

Ring out all want and toil and sin
Chill without faith, surrounding wrong;
Ring out, ring out, thy mournful song
But ring a full, broad music in.

Ring out dumb boasts of land or blood
Civic boasting and claims to fight;
Ring in passion for truth and right,
Ring in common passion for good.

Ring out what’s foul, what will annoy
Ring out a narrowing lust of gold;
Ring out a thousand wars of old,
Ring in a thousand months of joy.

Ring in your night, ring in our day
Ring in valiant minds and hands;
Ring out dark shadows on our lands
And ring in Christ upon his way.


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