Snip from a lipogram musical

…a total WIP.

Boss: Kayla! How’s it going? Anything wrong with our forms?
Kayla: No, that’s all good. Do you still want a guy to fill Colin’s spot?
Boss: I might. Who’s this?
Scott: I’m Scott. I’m from out of town.
Boss: Out of town? And you want a job fixing up this school?
Scott: If it’s alright.
Boss: Do you know how to build buildings?
Scott: Um…no, can’t say I do.
Boss: Do you want this building to look a particular way?
Scott: As long as it’s sturdy, no.
Boss: Will you contradict my plans for it?
Scott: No way! I don’t know how to do it on my own.
Boss: Sounds good!
Scott (turning): Thank–
(but Kayla didn’t stick around)
Boss (smiling broadly): Guys, this is Scott—who knows how to shut up!

Guy 1:
I can show you all I know about construction
How to look at plans, and follow such instruction
Just try to avoid outright contradiction
Of our boss—a good guy, who just can’t stand friction.

Chorus (all, bar boss and Scott):
Just follow this pithy quotation
It’ll hold up in a long haul
If you don’t know anything good to say
Don’t say anything at all.

Guy 2:
I am not familiar with a craftsman’s training
But part of it has to focus on abstaining
From conflict. For I know that any artisan
Cannot say too much, and can say nothing partisan.

Guy 3:
Any job will ask for a distinct ability
But any job also will ask for humility.
Going on about my humility’s bragging.
So I’ll just stick to my policy of gagging.

Guy 1:
Now it’s okay that I’m showing all this to you;
Showing and not saying is a good thing to do.
Scott: I must ask to satisfy my curiosity
Guy 4: I must sing to show off all my virtuosity.
(awkward looks around)

But follow this pithy quotation…


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