More things change

(As mentioned previously, I’ve been pushing myself in unfamiliar directions poetry-wise, so you might see a little more free verse from me. There were several “triggering events” for this one, and maybe they deserve separate poems, but I’m not interested in doing too much with this form just yet. 😉 Some big, or at least medium-sized, lipogram updates are on the way, but that’s for later.)

Dance partners for this blink
I clutch your frigid hand
Through the digital whirlwind
Flecks swarming all around
Under the ideal gas law
We can assume they’re moving in every direction equally.

In real life, gravity wins
And the roof falls in.

Half the lessons unteachable
Would and rightly meet
Only ridicule–if you’d been there
Gone through it, hated the going through

Tears spawning tears, two layers
Of blankets, one above and one beneath
Pain lancing through darkness,
A desperate pride inching
Sideways on a tightrope

You wouldn’t believe either, what might come
From such a storm.

And he was wrong, it was not his
Hall of Fame. It’s no one’s.

We belong to each other.
We cannot pull away.

We are children suspended
between two flags.


One thought on “More things change

  1. Nice. Looking forward to the growth in new directions!

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