Secondhand Lyons

Last March I posted this parody of William Blake’s “The Tyger”; changing the Is to Ys in “Lyon” wasn’t necessary, but I did it to more closely parallel the original.

Well, some users of came across it, and it’s now the challenge of the month! If you’ve ever felt like writing a lipogram but can’t be bothered to pick out the relative frequencies of the remaining 25 letters, you might want to go ahead and scramble the first stanza of “A Lyon” as it appears here (note that this version spells “Lion” with Is both times, which should be slightly easier to anagram than the alternative).

I just feel very pleased and honored. 😀


2 thoughts on “Secondhand Lyons

  1. Hey, Ember. Just saw your post on the Anagrammy forum. Thanks for inspiring our challenge in November. I don’t think I ever followed up the link Mey posted to find out where we got it from. I’m impressed with your original that we anagrammed (and that Mey won the challenge on; surprise, surprise). I wonder if you do anagrams as well as lipograms. We’d love to have you submit some at someday. Glad you’re voting anyway even if you’re not a regular contributor!

  2. Thanks, Rosie! I tried my hand at the December challenge but couldn’t come up with any, and I’d like to try more challenges in the future, although I’m not sure I’d be able to pull up new anagrams out of thin air. I love browsing through Anagrammy, though!

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