Bats and Balls (Reprise)

Who’s that playing the Rangers?
I’ll tell you who’s that playing the Rangers.
Rookies and a Freak and a Kung Fu Panda and a Beard and a barrel of madcap strangers
Those are who’s playing the Rangers.

What’s in the daily news?
I’ll tell you what’s in the daily news.
Story about game five, Giants hoping to clinch it, Rangers just trying not to lose
That’s what’s in the daily news.

What’s happening all over?
I’ll tell you what’s happening all over.
Fans sitting at home by television sets, wondering if this is when the season will be over.
That’s what’s happening all over.

When you see a bat
Whipping around a hat
You can bet that it’s just looking for a ball…


Follow the trend and hit no more,
Hit no more, hit no more.
Put down the baseball bat, use it no more.
Follow, follow the trend.


A World Series ring would look grand
On any given pitching hand,
So closers try to bar the door
Making sure the batters don’t score.
When many a rookie’s a star
You’d better give thanks to your scout,
And things being how they are
Hope you can get that final out.
So the Arlington ballpark’s the spot
For both teams to give all that they’ve got.

It was good old reliable Brian
Brian, Brian, Brian Wilson
If you’re looking for action, his mound is the spot
And he’ll serve you up heaters when he gets hot
Yeah it’s good old reliable Brian
Hoping not to issue a walk
And to end the Giants’ established title drought
Since they left New York.


I got your batter here, they’re gonna end the year
With him still on the bench, I can see it clear.
Cantu, Cantu, this guy that they’ll have, Cantu.
Won’t get a chance to come through, come through, come through.

His batting skill was clear, I know this will sound queer
But it’ll turn out to be the pitchers’ year.
Cantu, Cantu, it sounds crazy to me too.
But this sort of pace won’t do, won’t do, won’t do.

Now listen here, this Bum? He’s not really a bum
And it’s through him that lots of success will come
The kids, the kids, will avert potential skids
And someday attract big bids, big bids, big bids.

And speaking of which. Cliff! His arm will not be stiff
And he’ll keep pitching through hoping for a whiff.
Has chance, has chance, with him they still have a chance
You’ll see how far they’ll advance, advance, advance.

Now just a minute, boys, you make a lot of noise
But we’ll just have to see all the season’s joys.
Who knows, who knows, which way any season goes?
Only after, I suppose, suppose, suppose.

It once seemed so unclear, but now the end is here.
Oh, what a crazy year!


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