My First NHL Trip

It was a long wait from introducing L.A.’s starting six until you found out who was starting for Chicago, with lots of gimmicky digital lighting tricks. What was cool was turning off most lights, but turning on lights to show off Blackhawks championship flags. But it was a long buildup.

A board told you what was going on in far stadiums, including Giants’ runs…but it wasn’t Giants vs. (mascots also), but Giants vs. (location). That mascot is also a mascot of a squad that was busy playing in a rink!

I didn’t know a lot of what was going on. It looks as if a Blackhawks star got hurt. Didn’t know that.

Play would stop, and folks would work on that rink. Folks without much clothing. Which is odd–it’s cold out on rinks. I don’t think that’s as fun as, say, a band playing music (or shouting insults).

It was loud, with lots of cussing from fans by my chair. It was a high chair, with just a row until it was as high as you could go. I thought it was an okay way to look down, though, not too far from action. But I wasn’t focusing so much as to know “oh, that was a goal” for all four goals. I saw L.A.’s puck fly in, though, and fly right back out almost as quickly. And I saw Chicago’s last goal, if not #2 too. Catchy goal song. Not many lyrics, but that’s okay.

Riding back, I saw a sign for “introducing a world famous billy goat t-shirt”. What? How is it world famous if its introduction is right now?


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