The contents of my mp3 player

…sorted by the first appearance of their titles.
Pie chart

There were a lot of judgment calls.

“Never, but that’s okay” consists of instrumentals and non-songs.

“Dylan syndrome” occurs when the title of the song first occurs in a musical phrase that, arguably, functions as a chorus by being repeated after different verses–however, it’s too much a part of the verses to stand on its own. Think “The Times They Are A-Changin'” or “Blowin’ in the Wind”. (“Like a Rolling Stone” cuts it close, but I think it has enough of a chorus to qualify for “last words of chorus”.)

The opposite condition, “Schwartzitis”, happens when the title appears in a part of the song that is musically independent from verses, reappears between them like a chorus should, and has repeated words, but so few repeated words that it barely counts as a chorus, and I call it a chorus anyway. This is not big enough a category to deserve its own piece of the pie graph.


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