Jays 2, Twins 1, Indians 1, Rays 0

Nobody owns 2010 and nobody will, but young bats also stand with arms as standouts so far. It’s an individual activity, hitting. Or pitching, actually, though an ally must catch. Throwing without pitching also can’t occur without an ally, or can’t occur in a good way. If you blow it, if you plural blow it, it’s still going down as a flaw with a particular individual, though choosing is now and again arbitrary.

That choosing is a hard task; it can’t occur in a vacuum. Not that far into finding out about a sport, you find out about its most dazzling days, find out what has a quick shorthand to pin down how good it was. And it’s a long, long way from that day until you could obtain a job and say what was, or was not, a hit.

If anything is a hit, without doubt, it’s a hit that soars far. Fair and out of play, into distant stands, for a hit and a run to boot. Such was on display from Toronto, slug and slug again, and in particular from a youth. That said, Tampa Bay too hit and got runs; 11 runs, to just 9 hits. Hitting, obviously, is not your only way to build a scoring opportunity. But Toronto was too strong, smacking 20 hits, 8 going far out. If anything’s obviously a hit, it’s that sort of blast.


Actually, no. You can fight, saying a ball did go out, against a ruling that it didn’t. And what’s lost in that  fight, you don’t gain in confusion following that loss–it’s not hard to claim that it wasn’t fair, in a splashy first-paragraph blurb, but it is hard to say that what you’d want still wouldn’t stop you from losing.

But if any squad shouldn’t complain about quirky ballparks, it’s our Twins that can’t. Not following a hit off a catwalk, prompting complaints from Maddon. Who’s crowing about moving outdoors now?

…Probably our Twins, still. That’s a pity.

So it’s Tampa Bay, again, that was flirting with historic futility. From what I saw (look-ins on MLB.com, I’ll admit, not all that much), this was similar to Jackson’s win–not as wild, but with many throws, and also finishing 1-0. Just having a run to work with can focus brilliant jobs, but if that won’t occur, with first and third full, why stay with Morrow?

But it paid off.

And so fans look towards morrows, trying to find out what this wacky August 2010 will throw us.


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