This is the year of the pitcher

This is the year of the pitcher–
They say though we’re only half through.
And since the season isn’t over
I don’t think that the phrase will do.

This is the year of the–
This is the year of the one?
I think it’s the year of the many.
The point isn’t one ace, one star;
The point is that you could say any
Of a large group can dominate.
And though they’re having a great year
So far, I don’t think a definite
Article there is really clear.

This is the year of–
As if anyone owns a year.
A year is a label we place
On one sunrise after the next
Trying to pin down time and space.
It’s our year if we put our trust
In somebody else’s decree
That winter to winter’s a year
And that’s just the way it should be.
But I suppose it could be worse;
A hockey or basketball fan
Can’t equate “seasons” with “years”–though
They can’t make the mistakes we can.

This is the year–
The fans’ battle cry in the springtime,
The sentence’s finish implied.
But whose fans? Whose year? No one knows yet.
It’s for the season to decide.
It’s only July. Things could still change.
Pitchers might not reign in the fall.
And yet, what we say early on can
Change how we look back on it all.
If we say this year is for pitchers
Then it will affect how we view
The remaining months of the season.
So since the season isn’t through,
We’d better watch out what we call it.
There will be time, in retrospect
To honor all those who stood out,
To say who really earned respect.

This is the–
Okay, this is the half-season?
No, the first half has come and gone.
This is the second half-season
We focus on as we move on.
People talk about first halves a lot.
Who’s doing well, who’ll win, they’ve reckoned.
First halves seem like things in themselves, but
Nobody talks about the second.
There’s no awards for second-half skill,
No late-summer prize to extol.
When we watch the game in September,
We think of the year as a whole.

This is–
This is a moment in the morning. doesn’t even show
Today’s games by default yet.
But there will be some games, I know.
One day usually doesn’t make much
Impact on the trudging climb
Through the standings. Still, we must
Take it one day at a time.

This pitch, this swing, this miss, doesn’t seem
Indicative of anything
Put them together, over a year,
Though, and you’ll see what it might bring.


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