Bigger no-hitter graph

Following on from…two posts ago?…here’s an extended look at the no-hitter graph, back into the 1880s.

This does include the Federal League of the mid-1910s, but not the Union or American Associations of the 1880s-90s. Unfortunately, this means that pitchers such as the immortal Cannonball Titcomb have been left out. Bumpus Jones is in, however, and so is Noodles Hahn.

Fielding has improved rather drastically over the centuries (and the number of balls per walk oscillated rather wildly in the 1880s, which might explain those jumps). Some of the articles about no-hitters are more impressed when neither team made an error. Going back and digging up old articles was incredibly fun; it really shows you how much endurance pitchers had back in the day. The articles’ phrasings were great, too. “IT IS REALLY MEAN For Buffalo to Whip Boston So Every Day”; switch a couple names and nothing’s changed. As one article put it, these pitchers have all “climbed to fame’s cupola”.


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