Color wheel

Red is for stitches. Old-timers’ precise sewing of those first uniforms? Sewing someone up following injury? Or blurs flying by, turning but impossible to truly connect with?

Gold is for glory. Sunlight, shining through onetime devilish fish? Colors inherited from city to city? The symbol of coming first?

Green is for the outside. The field itself, big but covered well? The coliseum, full of emptiness? More old colors?

Blue is for loss. The sky, becoming less light over time? The shore, its monsters forgotten? Just our collective cliche, nothing more?

White cries out to be filled. Empty scoresheets, hoping to continue pristine? First, second, or third, still empty, growing restless? The skin between the stitches, not yet hit?

Pink, somehow, tries to fit in too. Token symbols, to be used just one weekend? New colors to focus our eyes, like the rhythm itself wouldn’t suffice? Or white blurring with red on pitches which speed by for strikes?


2 thoughts on “Color wheel

  1. Blue is for loss? 😦 I hoped it would be for hope, for potential, for growing excitement. But the word “Advent” doesn’t fit in this lipogram, unfortunately. Hope our boys in blue have more fun in their own field of green ivy.

  2. You’re right, with me it usually is for those things.

    It works both ways, though. Without loss, there’s nothing to hope for. Think of it this way, the Rays have more potential to improve on yesterday’s game than most other games!

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