Plot for a sports film

Act I:

Display various protagonists in subplottish situations.
Starting in right: guy arguing with his gal, who isn’t into this sports thing.
At shortstop: guy looking for dad’s approval.
On first: part of a minority/uncommon plurality, just trying to fit into this squad.
Pitching: old, crusty guy.
Catching: inspirational captain sort.
Also: bunch of guys who you can’t distinguish.
Backups: Oh, probably not. Don’t want a rich, solid-looking squad, you know. This won’t do at all.
Or a protagonist who can join in at a critical point, but not right away. That works.

Act II:

Talk up big showdown. Or don’t talk it up, as this squad isn’t so good as to go that far anyway. Show clips that display just how bad this squad actually is.  Minor squabbling.

Act III:

Loss in small showdown. Moping. Blaming a guy that’s not you, or just sulking. Coach not having any of this. Inspirational talk, possibly with many ****s. Or talk from inspirational captain sort, without so many. Acclamation and display of squad unity. That kind of music in background (you know what kind I’m talking about). Flash through many photos to skip through improving days.

Act IV:

Non-sports affairs. Minority/uncommon plurality guy/gal confronts cohorts in minority/uncommon plurality and says no, it’s okay, I’m still with you although I’m with this squad. Guy in right and gal…work through arguing. Film bigwigs throw in this part to look all tough and cool so our film’s rating isn’t so childish. (Part of this plot will not work for kid films. Part of it will, mind you, but kid films call for lots of puns and stuff. Snappish humor is still important in this plot, just not as much of it.)

Act V: Allusion to how important big showdown is for all of us, or allusion to small diamond from Act I. Slow-motion inning or two. Broadcast guy summarizing it all and skipping to last inning. Dramatic conclusion, possibly thanks to backup from Act I. Victory for us! Hooray!


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