Bull’s Eye

The field is new. The doors sport bygone monikers, but it just shows how new it truly is. Nodding to history is just one method of showing off how old you’re not. “Look in whose footsteps we get to follow! Look how long gone we’re not!”

The field is green. It could be brown; there’s freedom, now. You won’t be sure if it’s green or brown or (shiver) even white next spring. It’ll quickly grow uneven, with the possibility of surprising fielders. This will become run-of-the-Mill City; freedom under the open skies.

They’ll lose pop-ups in the sun. They’ll find pop-ups they wouldn’t find before. The home-field bonus will be less striking, if only when it comes to knowing its quirks. But this could well be the only problem. There will be new bonuses in return; the lure of new growth, new beginnings. Even now, there will be new milestones to keep your eyes open for; the first triple, first cycle, first no-hitter.

Nobody knows when they’ll come. Stick your finger up, hold it in the wind–for once, I’m not writing of the Dome-exiting whoosh–you just won’t find out. There will be other things to see, less exciting ones. First loss. First boos (I think. Didn’t listen to the home opener.) First suspension due to inclemency.

But even then, even when you think nothing will be new, we’ll still come to visit. The Twins, now, deserve cheering for, wherever they go. This could be the most exciting piece of it.


2 thoughts on “Bull’s Eye

  1. Nice! I never tried skipping the first symbol before. This flows incredibly well. “Home field bonus” is especially inspired. Good bye, Metrodome.

  2. Goodbye, Metrodome, indeed. Hello, Bull’s Eye field!

    I’m glad you like this. I actually did a lot with A-Lipograms before stepping up to the big challenge; one of my classes involved e-mailing a “mentor” from a big business. The software we used could be set to flag anything you wanted, so the teacher could presumably proofread for naughty words before letting e-mails go through. Our teacher wanted to read everything, so he just set it to flag the letter “a”, knowing we’d all use it at least once. I forget how he brought this up, but I figured I could rise to the challenge and write something coherent without the letter A. No, I didn’t circumvent the rules of the mentor project, but my teacher and I started corresponding without using the letter A! So this brings back good memories for me. 🙂

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