Thawing out

Is this our first March without snow? Possibly, say pundits, and I concur; spring is hard to avoid right now. A stadium waits to host its initial action. Ink is still drying on a gigantic contract, though injury mars our squad. But it is not just pain that will put Nathan out of action; it is also waiting for his arm to grow strong again. This is part of spring, too; anticipation that won’t actually rush anything but still is fun.

So I turn on my radio, trying to grow familiar with all who play for my squads. This is hard, as nobody knows so far just who will and just who will go down for now. I know this won’t do; in April or May I’ll in all probability go “Wait, who? Him? With us? Okay, cool.”

I could try and stop this, cramming now to know it all. But that’s not how it should work. I don’t mind not knowing, as long as it’s only for a bit. I sit through snow so that I can slowly warm up to this sport again in spring.


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