Thawing out

Is this our first March without snow? Possibly, say pundits, and I concur; spring is hard to avoid right now. A stadium waits to host its initial action. Ink is still drying on a gigantic contract, though injury mars our squad. But it is not just pain that will put Nathan out of action; it is also waiting for his arm to grow strong again. This is part of spring, too; anticipation that won’t actually rush anything but still is fun.

So I turn on my radio, trying to grow familiar with all who play for my squads. This is hard, as nobody knows so far just who will and just who will go down for now. I know this won’t do; in April or May I’ll in all probability go “Wait, who? Him? With us? Okay, cool.”

I could try and stop this, cramming now to know it all. But that’s not how it should work. I don’t mind not knowing, as long as it’s only for a bit. I sit through snow so that I can slowly warm up to this sport again in spring.

Top Nine Other Holidays Baseball Should Celebrate

This post was originally meant to involve holidays that occur when the baseball season is actually going on. Upon further consideration, however, I remembered that MLB is actually pretty “good” about adapting its uniforms to any given occasion. So I figured I’d have to include some from the offseason, as they haven’t gotten to those yet…

*Valentine’s Day: all-red uniforms. Fans in Cincinnati will be gypped, but they’ll survive.

*April Fools Day: “If the season ended today, we’d be in the playoffs! We’re in first place! Why are you looking at me like that?”

*May Day: Bullpen coaches get absolute control over the pitching staff, with the manager’s contribution limited to calling, hanging up immediately, and snickering.

*Cinco de Mayo: A uniform scheme will admittedly be difficult here if the Diamondbacks veto the Mexican flag logo, but it’s doable.

*Flag Day: June 14. Seriously. They can reuse those hats they keep wearing on Fourth of July weekend.

*Halloween: normal uniforms, but with orange ribbons to symbolize the fight against tooth decay.

*Thanksgiving Day: All-you-can-eat deals in the stands. Half-price in Cleveland.

*Chinese New Year: Fireworks after every home run. And hit. And out.

*Presidents’ Day: Top hats. ‘Nuff said.

A Lyon

Lyon Lyon burning bright
In dark woods of scary night
What immortal foot or hand
Could approach you and still stand?

Just how distant, north or south
Burnt that ardor in your mouth?
On what wings could any try?
What hand could touch, foot not fly?

And what arm, what sort of art
Could twist you until you start?
As your brain would start to run,
What hand or foot thought it fun?

What sort of tools? And what chain?
From what kiln could spring thy brain?
What anvil? What looming grasp
Could intimidation clasp?

As a star put down its sword
Crying, calling on its lord,
Did a grin form, watching you?
By a craftsman of lambs, too?

Lyon Lyon burning bright
In dark woods of scary night
What immortal foot or hand
Could approach you and still stand?

In Just

In just
Spring, when the world is green
Luscious, the old
Beer vendor

Yells up and down.

And brave metropolitans come
Far from the cities to
Practice and it’s

When the world is melting and wonderful

The strange
Old manager glances
Up and down
And bullpen-dwellers start tossing

Their fastballs and curveballs and


vendor walks
the aisles.