Winter of ’09

I got a blog of my own
Not that hard to do online
Posted every week or so
It was the winter of ’09

Wasn’t sure if I’d get real far
Didn’t have much of a plan
But there wasn’t anywhere to go
Cause I like the place I am.

Oh, when I look back now
I never really should have worried
Cause if I had the choice
Yeah, I’d do this blog the same way
No, it’s not much, but it brings pride.

Ain’t no use in nostalgia
When you’ve got a song to sing.
Spend my days at the computer
Thinking up some goofy thing.

February’s shivers came,
But winter wouldn’t last forever.
Oh, and as I read the screen
I figured it was then or never.
And I can say my choice was wise
Back in the winter of ’09.

So I was killing time
I was young and restless
I had to speak my mind.
And though nothing can last forever, oh no,

Even though the times are changing
Bits and pixels have come and gone,
Still I play around with the language
Cutting vowels or twisting a song.

I never want to believe
That my best days are gone forever.
There’s always something new in store.
I figured it was then or never
And I started something new
Back in the winter of ’09.


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