Top Nine Searches, part II

162 days ago was the day after the All-Star game, 162 days from the blog’s launch; I celebrated by picking nine goofy searches that take people to the blog. Here are nine more.

  • cubs moonman cap (I’m the seventh Google hit for this)
  • phillies probabilty distribution in octo (and I think it got truncated here)
  • how to keep score in darts (Couldn’t tell you)
  • open letter to favre (There have been several more since I wrote mine in June)
  • short lipogram in blog (Second hit)
  • what website should i use to keep a base (Truncated here)
  • kids’+ lipograms (Second hit again)
  • who is go go gomez (I’m not sure I really explain)


  • lipogram what’s the point

I don’t consider myself qualified to answer that one. But I hope you see a point in coming here!

To those of you who don’t celebrate Christmas, I hope you have a fulfilling end to 2009. To those of you that do,



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