Wait Till Next Year

As time goes on, it’s harder to believe
The worst prognostications people say.
Or maybe I’m just looking for a way
To hold out hope and not let myself grieve.
It’s not that I deny that people leave.
I don’t convince myself that they will stay
But only that they might come back some day.

I flew into New York last New Year’s Eve,
And, flying, saw two stadia below.
I knew there was a team about to switch
From one field to the other one, although
I wasn’t sure which team. But even so,
I watched the fields and wondered which was which.
I did not know. I will not ever know.

2000s highlights

In 2000, it was all looking up. Waking up and watching action in Japan at ridiculous hours, climbing up to Coors, and just knowing that I was living at a bright start.

In 2001, it wasn’t. An old star going away was no fun, but I found that taking out frustration through writing was a good thing to do. I saw a statistic which was said to draw fans to sports again turn into just an old mark.  In August, I saw both Bronx and Flushing host in a day. But sports’ clock would skip and lag until it was wound up again, trickling into an unfamiliar month.

In 2002, I saw my Cubs host and win…in two distinct stadiums, to say nothing of a Maryland visit. 2002 had All-Star drama, possibly too much, from Torii and Barry through to…its inconclusion. Contraction and work halting both brought panic, but didn’t pan out. So that fall, I got to go to playoffs, waving a hanky and rooting for my local Twins.

In 2003, I hit a GWRBI in a softball playoff. That was cool. A baby was visiting during a Cubs playoff-clinching victory; I had to go outdoors to whoop it up. But loss would follow victory, and frustration follow joy. Indignation at guilt’s wrong apportioning would follow that. It was an odd fall, but I was happy to stand around a small radio at its finish, tuning in to follow scrappy Marlins’ championship.

In 2004, I saw Barry Bonds hit a ball into San Francisco’s Bay. I was at a marathon in Oakland; its stadium wasn’t that full, and my family and I could scoot down to good chairs. Or chairs in that stadium’s Fan Cam’s sight. Washington (not D. C.) also brought a cool stadium; I still don’t know of a park in which scoring is as simplistic. So much information on display! Back in Twindom, though, it wasn’t so straightforward. I was at a matchup that had to stop so football could go on that night.

In 2005, though not 2006 or 2007, I could mark off still a distinct stadium on my “to visit” list: Old Busch. MLB said hi to Washington D. C., congratulations to Chicago (‘s south), St. Louis, and Boston (again!).  A “classic” that might wind up turning classic had its start in 2006. My clubs won divisional flags, though didn’t accomplish much in playoffs. In 2007, I saw a squad wait until its final inning of play to hit, walk, or so on. And I had a spot to blog about it.

In 2008, I saw Chin-lung Hu on 2nd in California, and 5 non-L. A. stadiums in 10 days–a marathon in Ohio, Toronto, Michigan, Pittsburgh, and Chicago again. From Dan Uggla’s All-Star mishaps to a 4-0 stint against Wisconsin’s squad, it was a wild campaign for a Cubs fan. Twins fandom was almost as lucky; “AJ sucks” was our chorus in a 10-inning rally, but #163 would bring loss.

In 2009, I found out that watching in Atlanta wasn’t as odd as I’d thought. 163 was dramatic again, Japan won its classic again, and 2000’s champions won again. Also, I got this blog.

Amid scandals and off-grass drama, sports go on, and 2010 should bring continuing thrills. I think it will.

Top Nine Searches, part II

162 days ago was the day after the All-Star game, 162 days from the blog’s launch; I celebrated by picking nine goofy searches that take people to the blog. Here are nine more.

  • cubs moonman cap (I’m the seventh Google hit for this)
  • phillies probabilty distribution in octo (and I think it got truncated here)
  • how to keep score in darts (Couldn’t tell you)
  • open letter to favre (There have been several more since I wrote mine in June)
  • short lipogram in blog (Second hit)
  • what website should i use to keep a base (Truncated here)
  • kids’+ lipograms (Second hit again)
  • who is go go gomez (I’m not sure I really explain)


  • lipogram what’s the point

I don’t consider myself qualified to answer that one. But I hope you see a point in coming here!

To those of you who don’t celebrate Christmas, I hope you have a fulfilling end to 2009. To those of you that do,


Lipogram Carols

O holy night! With stars so brightly shining
Tonight marks our almighty Saviour’s birth.
Long lay our world in sin and sorrow pining
Till Christ was born and told soul of its worth.
A thrill of faith–a sighing world’s now springing
For faraway dawns a glorious morn.
Worship and bow towards God’s choirs singing
O night of nights! Oh night that Christ is born!

Infant holy, infant lowly,
For his crib only a stall.
With cows lowing, though not knowing,
This Christ child is Lord of all.
Swiftly winging, choirs singing,
Music ringing, tidings bringing:
This Christ child is Lord of all!
This Christ child is Lord of all!

Placid night, holy night!
All is calm, all is bright.
Round yon virgin lady and child.
Holy Infant, so small and so mild.
Wait for morning to dawn,
Wait for morning to dawn.

As I Was Walking, as a Cloud

As I was walking, as a cloud
That floats on high on top of hills
And tall mountains, I saw a crowd,
A host, of shining daffodils;
By sand and wood, all bright and fair,
Flitting, floating, dancing in air.

Continuous as stars that glow
And burn to form our Milky Way
Was that undying floral row
Along a margin of a bay.
A myriad saw I in a short
Instant, blooming in sprightly sport.

Though tidal jig was glad that day,
That jig was not half as happy.
An author could not but turn gay
In such a jocund company.
I saw –and saw– but I thought not
Of what joy such a show had brought:

For oft, as on my couch I sit
Vacant or thoughtful, on my own
I inwardly flash back to it
In bliss knowing what I was shown.
And so my soul up with joy fills,
Cavorting among daffodils.

Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Night

Who owns this wood I think I know.
His location is in town, though.
Nobody will watch through dim light
As I watch woods fill up with snow.

My pony must think it’s not right
To stop without a barn in sight
Away from warmth and joy and song
This particularly short night.

His bit plays out a soft “ding-dong”
Asking if what I did was wrong.
Not much sound sounds within this wood
But wind and snowfall, its fall long.

I know that visiting is good
But turn around, knowing I should.
I will do what I said I would.
I will do what I said I would.

Southpaw Story

Fred was a rat. Ted was a cat. Fred feared Ted.
Ted stared at Fred. Fred saw Ted. Fred fretted. Fred was scared.
Ted darted, a fast feat. Fred created a sad face.
Was Fred dead? Feasted Ted?
Ted cared. Ted caved. Stew fed Ted.
Fred was safe. Fred started a TV.
Fred’s TV was bad. Fred read TV FAQ. Fred’s FAQ was bad. Fred saw a sax. Fred traded Fred’s TV.
Ted dated Grace, a red cat.  Grace wed Ted.
Grace’s ears faded. Ted was dazed. Ted bade vets see Grace. Grace was deaf.
Grace rested as Fred’s sax vexed Ted.