162 down; how will it go? Who knows?

For all I know–all I can totally know, that is, without just trusting assumptions, a group of facts that is not big–“living” is just falling. Coins thrown into a grid of dots, bouncing this way or that, landing at last in a roughly normal distribution. A coin or two will land on that distributions’ rim, but mostly it’s a big clump. In a suitably long run, laws of probability will drown out mild variation.

If you didn’t want to trust your cash to that, you could just flip it. It’s a similar story, just in microcosm. Half up, half down. That was how a playoff location was found not too long ago. With many trials, a statistician knows, you’ll play half away and half in your own stadium. Just as in a normal campaign.

I’d watch that. Four and a half innings in Michigan? Okay, stop for now and show up tomorrow for a following four-and-a-half. But what if a Twins rally cuts things short, cutting out bottom-ninth action? It wouldn’t truly go “half away, half not”. So that won’t work.

No, knowing you’d win half of all coin flips isn’t any consolation if you don’t win that which counts. And moping about cosmic futility isn’t any fun–joy is found through taking any sort of action. Not just physical action–arguing philosophy in your own mind wins against thinking that you lack any opportunity at all.

No coin will fly to pick a playoff location this fall. Matchup 163 got its spot thanks to win-loss totals, which in turn hail from action within stadia. And Bronx triumph allows it a bonus honor. Following 163–but not so far away as actual playoffs–that Junior Circuit champion squad, choosing its upcoming days to play, will try to show us again why taking action can pay off. And our TBD champions will try to thwart that. And nobody knows who will win.


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