Of Callups and Clich…Hmm.

Can I put a taboo symbol in a post if it has a typographical mark on top of it? I don’t know.

This month brings young folks up and old sayings out of 11-month obscurity. Is this a finish’s start? A point of no going back? What isn’t? You can’t go back to any past point, but can only wait until a similar opportunity rolls around.

For many squads, having young guys participating is an important part of things. It’s good to show upcoming stars how top divisions work. It’s all with a catch–no playoff action for such callups–but so many fans know that playoff action isn’t a probability anyway. As of right now, Washington is a loss away from outright proof.

And assuming that loss occurs, or Colorado wins, it probably won’t flash across TVs or daily posts. Not for long, anyway. A Washington fan must pull off a difficult balancing act–support and optimism in half of a mind, looking at wild card standings with a distinct half. Only this month will it turn official, but so many of us know for so much of a campaign how it will most probably turn out. And not in a good way. All you can do is downplay signposts and try to find joy in simply watching.

Or not. Upcoming playoffs could drag on into an unusual month for this sport. I don’t mind long playoffs, and I don’t want to say “No, only that past championship (2001’s) should go that long, don’t kick it out of history” as a broadcasting guy did a day or two ago. Still, a basic rhythm is around–from March’s training to April’s officiality, July’s days off to August’s brutality to fall’s climax–and I don’t want to disturb it too much.


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