Angels 17, Cubs 17

Sometimes you don’t have to know any more
Than what can be contained in the line score.
It tells you which team won and who they beat
All in proportions neat…or not so neat.

Extra innings stretch their game’s proportion.
Such a distortion requires, it would seem,
One team versus an evenly matched team.
Innings in which one team scores ten runs, though
Shouldn’t feature so similar skills, it
Would seem. These days papers tend to omit
The parentheses that signified them.
Such a hitting gem is visible from
Context, however. And yet there are some
Extra innings where teams score often. They
Have to be away to score so many
And must keep fighting; there isn’t any
Amount they can score to be sure they’ll win.
If they had won in fewer innings, blown
Leads would be forgotten, the game unknown
Shortly afterward. Each chance gone to waste
Was only a taste of triumph. Distort
The linescore to echo throughout the sport.


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