Chicago 5, Tampa Bay 0

I’m fairly rational–you might say dorky in my passion for math–and proud of it. But “proud” can signify arrogant too. And if you, playfully or not, allow jinx to control you, what’s truly going on is that you, arrogantly, claim control. As if your talking has an impact on things it, logically, can’t.

Half a month ago or so, I was thinking about this sort of sports jinx. It was Saturday, I think, and on air, a guy was talking about that Friday’s no-no. Nothing to do with ongoing action, but no Cardinals had hits at that point. A jinx? That instant saw no sign of it.

I didn’t know what was going on today until it was official. I could go back to its broadcast; with 3 outs to go, it was said aloud. “Bring your family, watch this.” How much of this must you watch until you can claim it as I saw it? And what is that “it” you claim? You can watch all 27 outs, but this sort of magic is not only outs but also not-hits, not-walks, and so on. It’s a tricky distinction, but you know that kind of optical illusion with background just as significant as your “primary” focus? This, I think, is that kind of thing. You don’t know how good it is until you know what’s not occuring.

Sort of how lipograms work…


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